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FONECA Inc. was founded to address the growing demand of reliable, affordable and cost-effective worldwide communication.

The beginning was in 2002 when Boston Connection was established in Massachusetts. The next year FONECA Inc. acquired Boston Connection to further develop the supply of up-to-date telecom solutions. We are a Delaware corporation with sales representatives throughout USA and Europe.

FONECA is a service integrator and a distributor of telecommunication services. We focus on serving end users by offering a comprehensive solution for high-quality up-to-date telecom services at favorable rates. In order to keep up with the current telecom environment, FONECA is focusing on VOIP (Voice over IP) and the related opportunities.

We see that the world is progressively breaking the boundaries to communication. This is a world where people make the decisions as they know best their own needs.

To deliver maximum value and entirely meet their telecom needs, we build and maintain close relations with our clients but also provide them with the opportunity of totally self-managed personal accounts. These entitle the clients to choose their products/services, to make and checkout their orders and to monitor their assets in details. We make our best to provide them with a quick and reliable service and have a Customer Support team available 24/7 to solve any difficulties they may experience.

You can contact us directly at: 1 877 7 FONECA sales@foneca.com or mail at: Foneca Corporation 2711 Centerville Road Suite 400 Wilmington, DE 19808

FONECA provides solutions for cost-effective long distance and worldwide modern telecommunications.

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